Keeping Your Dog Mat-Free and Looking Good Between Visits

We highly encourage pet owners to practice regular maintenance at home between full-service appointments. Because grooming is a training process, your pets feel much more comfortable when they’re cared for at home using some of the same techniques we use at the shop. And by grooming between visits, you’ll save time and money because your pet will most likely need to spend less time with us on appointment day.

Well-groomed dogSydney is available by appointment to provide you with handy tips and techniques you can apply between visits that your dog is already familiar with. She’ll show you:

  • proper tools and how to use them
  • techniques for easy brush-outs
  • ways to reduce mats and tangles
  • how to hold your dog during for best results
  • how to keep your pet looking and feeling her best.

By using these grooming techniques at home between your regular shop appointments, together we will build trust, reduce separation anxiety, and make sure your dog always enjoys a positive experience.

Contact us today for more information about home grooming solutions or to schedule an appointment at your home or location. Call 541-344-6777.


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